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Sundowners Syndrome

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This is a fascinating syndrome, symptoms can be from, agitation, mood changes, being emotional, being afraid, pacing up and down, restlessness and depression. It is expected that a high percentage of people living with Alzheimer’s will experience Sundowners.

This is usually associated with the sun setting but can happen much earlier. It’s generally related to middle stages of Alzheimer’s and mixed Dementia. Patients are generally unable to understand their behaviour pattern as abnormal but then what quantifies abnormal when it’s normal for them.

Sundowners Syndrome causes are unknown but it is thought by some experts to be linked with the bodies natural day and night cycles. There are plenty of articles to be found on this with no proved conclusions but the light element features highly as a probable cause.

Having worked with ladies and gentlemen who show a typical symptoms of the syndrome, I have often wondered about life’s past routines which strangely are connected to light. What if I used to collected my children from school every day and hurry home to get their tea, or I finish work and rush off to get my train home. All based around time routines and light, quite clearly this is mere hypothesis but surely food for thought?

At Larchfield House we are seeking information related to this subject and any experience or examples you would care to share would be very valuable to us.

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