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Leisure & Wellness

Whether your loved one prefers one to one activities, to be alone or group activities; all of our residents are reviewed to ensure we provide suitable activities and stimulation required for a happy life. We often bring in outside entertainment and organise trips to garden centres, restaurants or the town centre.
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We promote the aim of living well for all of our residents with leisure activities playing a huge part in that process.

At Church View we have a dedicated team of activity assistants supported by a Wellbeing Manager to support the needs of all our residents as part of our person-centred approach to care. Our activities are designed for the brain, body, spiritual needs, and sensory and memory support.
Activities are based on the individual needs of our residents, supporting their interests, hobbies and past history. This helps us to know, understand and connect. Stimulation is critical for our residents and we ensure they are invited to regular exercise not only for the brain but their body. For ladies and gentlemen who are not able to attend we design one-to-one sessions. Some of our activities include:

Gentle Excerise

Sensory Activities



One to One Stimulation

Optional Physiotherapy

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